About us

Pathway Technologies is a focused team of technology experts and development practitioners who provide integrated and innovative solutions and services to its clientele. We emphasize on facilitating the organizations, streamlining the work culture with the aid of the modern technology and integrating different work procedures. Our core capabilities include solutions and services in the field of software development, business/knowledge process outsourcing as well as consultancy and advisory services on information and communication technologies.

  • 2005

    Started serving customized Software Solutions

  • 2007

    Hospital Software

    Identifying need of recording patient's information, B & B started Hospital Information Management System.

  • 2009


    Nepal's first Real Estate Portal came into LIVE.

  • 2011

    Pathway Technologies

    Teamed up with like minded Entrepreneurs and merged with Pathway Technologies.

  • 2013

    Service Focused

    Catering our services to Non Profit Organizations (NGO's & INGO's)

  • 2015


    Startup initiative on creating Data & MAPS with simple & easy steps.

  • 2016

    More Service

    Broadening Services: Mobile Apps, Data Collection Android App, Web portals & GIS Visualization Tools

  • 2017


    Feed the Future - Data Driven Farming Prize awarded GeoKRISHI Mobile App as MOST VIABLE SOLUTION

  • 2018

    Call Center

    Adding values on Data Collection Services through Outbound Call Interviews

  • 2019

    Drone Services

    Filling the gap in Remote Sensing Data through Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in Nepal

  • 2020

    Decision Making Tools

    Municipal Digital Agriculture, Municipal Energy Planning and Watershed Management Planning System